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Add-on modules

Corporate objective planning (goal seeking)
You have set certain objectives for your company? Quickly determine, with alternatives, which combination of planning specifications is necessary for actual management control in order to achieve certain objective values (profitability, productivity, cash flow, maximum net indebtedness etc.).
Reworking of multi-year plans
Recognise the following situation? You have at last finalised your 3-year plan. But then, at short notice, there are for example changes with the planned investments in the first planning year with effects through into the final year.
Using ASRAP remodelling such changes can be run through the multi-year planning process, automatically and within a few seconds.
The unique 3D graphic representation facilitates the direct qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the data: visualisation of individual positions and economic relationships - as chronological processes and benchmarks.
ASRAP Reporteditor
Add-on modules
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