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  »Web-based Group Planning and Management«
Wilhelm Dauner/Friedrich Dauner
»Article from the book "Vom Data Warehouse zum Corporate Performance Management", Publisher Uwe Hannig, Institut für Management Informationssysteme«
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English translation PDF 1.12 mB
  »IAS 14/SFAS 131 - Basis for a Dynamic Segment-Supported Corporate Management«
  »In a diversified and multinational business activity, effective group management needs simple control instruments and rapidly transmitted information. ASRAP‘s segment, bottom-up group method, using the approach of input-output simulation, meets these requirements. It is not just software with a fantastic new technology. It is much more a new type of implied business model. It spans periods and has extremely flexible infrastructure, housing the actual and planned positioning of all parameters of an internationally required rendering of accounts.«
  (not published up to now) PDF 120 kB
»Paradigm change in the rendering of accounts? The dynamic set of accounting figures, a dream?«
Article from the book "Knowledge Management und Business Intelligence", Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York, 2002
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English PDF 240 kB
»The Input-Output Simulation of Business Processes»
Research and Practice in Business Management BFuP 2/1996
German offprint PDF 260 kB
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