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bayer "The Bayer AG uses ASRAP for balance planning and financial planning of the Bayer Group. We are especially convinced by the complete integration of balance, profit & loss and cash flow as well as the flexible benchmarking function which allows us to compare different scenarios immediately."
  Dr. Stefan Borchers
Department head within the Corporate Center Group Accounting & Controlling
BAYER AG, Leverkusen
"We employ ASRAP XSP for the perspective planning of individual business units and the overall group. Of particular significance is a reporting tailored to the requirements of the lenders. With this, the future development of certain financial ratios with regard to financial covenants are at the focal point."
  Ihnke Würtenberg
Group Controlling

zollner "We have used ASRAP in the area of the Board of Management and in Controlling since March as well as in our works in Hungary since October 2004 for the rolling 5-year planning with annual financial statement, statement of profit & loss and flow-of-funds analysis. Regular future scenarios are simulated based on this. Essential advantage of the ASRAP solution is the rapid and flexible possibility to plan and benchmark alternatives. Zollner as provider of system services, through the employment of ASRAP, can represent in various scenarios potential client projects consistently, already at the negotiation stage, with the least expense, based on existing planning figures. Through this the possible effects on the balance sheet structure, the development of the EBITDA as well as on the liquidity can be derived. We were also convinced by the rapid implementation with training within one day."
  Thomas Schreiner
Chief Financial Officer/Managing Board
Zollner Elektronik AG, Zandt/Bayern
Branch: Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider, Employees: 5,000
brasseler "We have used ASRAP since May 2005, inter alia for planning analyses and the determination of strategies with the start-up of subsidiaries abroad.
Through discussions with the respective project directors (subsidiaries) diverse scenarios can be simulated rapidly and efficiently. It is an advantage here that we can transparently represent and examine the strategies in their various effects on the overall management. ASRAP was able to establish itself as strategic method of play within the company. "
  Olaf Jackmann
Head of Controlling
Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co.KG, Lemgo
Branch: Dental Medicine Technology, Dental Instruments; Employees: 1,000
junker "... ASRAP helps us to fill an old hole, how our planning finally looks in the annual final statement - and when we have this statement we also have the operating figures. This is really great. - With this we have gained whole days. ..."
  Alexander Großhäuser, Managing Director
and Markus Schmidt, Head of Accounting
Otto Junker GmbH/Group
Branch: Plant engineering and construction, Employees: 750
kaliko "...we have installed ASRAP with very little expense, incl. two days of consultation. The system is very flexible and offers 15 different views into the annual financial statement and further important characteristics. It is outstandingly suitable for planning, analysis of competition, project evaluation, investment analyses and comparisons. We like this tool very much and have been working with it for a couple of months, always with great success. Inter alia, also with our financial investors ..."
  Peter Klenner, Managing Director
Bamberger Kaliko GmbH
Branch: Specialist in textile finisching, Employees: 175
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