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ASRAP eXtended Segment Planning

Unique, new business model for corporate management according to management structures
This software system is based on the Segment Reporting specified by IAS 14. It provides future-oriented finance information on individual segments within a business group, consistent with the company's management system. This information can then be assembled into forecasts of the consolidated financial statements of the group.
The intention of segment reporting is to show financial information broken down by company segments, such as risk and product groups, and to predict their profit potential. Our software works dynamically, allowing the user to consolidate, e.g. in a free cash flow presentation, segment results which are based on management performance targets and input from the planning staff.
Used for corporate management and segment planning, our software compares outstandingly with any other solution in the market. Its superior properties allow the user to handle IAS 14 segment reporting, cash flow planning and cash flow consolidation.
By examining segments from the bottom up, the planner or analyst can use ASRAP XSP software to manage and document in four distinct phases:
  1. Define segments in accordance with reporting standards and imported data.
  2. Simulate these segments and regularly check and update them.
  3. Consolidate the segments into a realistic model of the operating business.
  4. Construct the forward-looking consolidated financial statements.
Your advantages
  • Simulation in real time delivers dynamic finance information on segments and combined groups on the basis of your planning assumptions.
  • Simple handling and user-centred interface for the recording, management and representation of segment reporting, and segment and group corporate planning.
  • Clear separation of planning specifications, calculation and data presentation.
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