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ASRAP is a branch-independent software solution for strategic controlling, integrated budgetary, balance sheet and profit planning, simulation and scenario calculation, and value-based management.
ASRAP EP already offers all necessary planning and analysis components.
As edition for large international enterprises ASRAP XSP offers, since Release 4.0, even more advanced, innovative functionalities for segment bottom-up planning and group control/corporate management.
Within the functional scope of both editions are contained: scenario management, benchmarking, various ratio systems and Add-on modules for goal seeking, revision of planning over several years and 3D-graphics.
  ASRAP is a standard software, which takes into account, in a system immanent manner, all economic relationships and interdependencies of flow-of-funds analysis, annual statement of accounts and statement of profit & loss analysis. The time-intensive build of a "planning model", necessary with many conventional approaches, is dispensed with completely. At the same time the software possess the best prerequisites for customization.
  Thus, for example, company-specific reporting structures, specially desired characteristics and ratio systems or different concepts for value management (CVA, EVA) can be implemented at short notice using the ASRAP Reporteditor.
  In addition to client-oriented Support, management training and firms' workshops (using real company figures) rounds off our product portfolio. We would be happy to advise you also on other questions about the subjects of controlling, planning, analysis and software.
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